The Basic Building Blocks of Business

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author


There are 6 areas of a business that are the fundamental building blocks of a business. These building blocks connect one to the other, like in the game of Jenga where one weak point can undermine overall integrity. Review the list of statements below within each of the 6 areas and select the 3 declarations that most resonate with you… the 3 statements you feel best pinpoint the weaknesses that are sabotaging continued success.  

For each of the 3 statements you have selected take the self-assessment one step further… ask yourself the What (What exactly is the issue and what is the root cause?), Where (Where does this issue show up in the business?), Why (Why has this unmet challenge or un-leveraged opportunity persisted?) and How (How do I eliminate this issue as a roadblock to business success?). Once you have high integrity and strong building blocks across all the 6 areas of business you will have a business positioned for continued and elevated success!


1) Strategy, Planning & Goal Setting

2) Marketing & Business Development

3) Sales & Customer Service

4) Operational Efficiency & Productivity

5) Leadership & Team Building

6) Profitability & Cash Flow

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