The #1 Networking Question and How to Answer It

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

So tell me what do you do? What business are you in?

The question we as entrepreneurs get all the time. And how do we answer that question most of the time… by stating our industry, profession, type of business. For example I am a lawyer or marketing services provider or travel agent. OK we get the idea across. But in answering that way we have left the other person free to interpret in their own way…. And they may draw on their own preconceived notions, stereotypes or ugly images of their last experience with folks like us. And as we know, first impressions are critical so why not make an effort to help paint a favorable one. The marketing service provider could do a little better by saying “I design and produce high quality mobile friendly websites optimized for search engine results. A little better but here is what I suggest…rather than state what profession you are in or even what product or service you offer do this…Describe how you positively impact the lives of others… by explaining how your customers benefit from what you do. The marketing professional could do that by saying “I help businesses just like yours drive their brand following 10 fold, attracting a large loyal tribe of followers that engage, buy and recommend you to friends.” Or even more simply “I help you get everybody talking so that a whole bunch of them want to buy from you and then tell all their friends about you!”

Your goal is to get them curious and to have them say “So can you tell me how you do that?” And then of course you go ahead and tell them.

Patrick Leask
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