Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author


I have been working with Patrick for four months now and I have seen a great change in my business and even a greater change in my own personal growth in business for my company.” – James Haaf , Vice President at Metro Bench


Patrick is an excellent business coach. He has helped us break through barrier after barrier to get to new levels and closer to our dreams. Patrick has a great approach and a way of steering the discourse toward conclusions that lead to "action items" and subsequent results. We have been working with Patrick for several years and will continue to do so into the future–the changed mindset of having Patrick as our business coach is worth every penny.” – Tom Cruxon, Owner at Sherwood Tree Service


“Patrick is an awesome coach! He has helped us to look at our business in a new light – to really focus on being active instead of reactive. Each time we meet, I have specific take away items that help me grow weekly towards my goals. I would recommend anyone wanting to take their business to the next level to talk with Patrick.”  – Lindsay Williams, Owner at SWAG Marketing


Patrick is a great leader in our BNI Network Partners chapter! We get the privilege of hearing the success stories from his Action Coach clients first hand each week and it is no surprise as Patrick is very detail oriented and methodical in his approach in helping his clients increase their business!” – Tanyo Cielo, Lead Strategist at Sky Strategic Marketing


My team and I have worked with Patrick since securing his coaching services last spring. Patrick has helped me with a plethora of processes, employee compensation plans, methods to increase margins and even much needed scheduled days off for myself.” – Victoria Jorgensen, Owner at A-Media Marketing


“There’s a big difference between an effective business coach and just some guy who knows some things business related…. The biggest difference is the true coach has actually done the things he teaches and has done them well. Patrick is a shining example of this. He has a track record of success in business which speaks for itself. You owe it to yourself and your business to work with him.”  – Matt Selby, Owner at Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles


We were introduced to Patrick at a business function several months ago. After some great conversation and lunch we took Patrick up on an invitation to attend an ActionCOACH seminar he was hosting. We found Patrick engaging. He told us we would see our business as we never did before. He was correct! After our seminar we hired Patrick to become our business coach. We have our weekly sessions, we vent, he listens. We then come up with productive steps and procedures to take action. I think Patrick Leask is an asset to any organization. He brings forth extensive knowledge with understanding. I admire Patrick for all his knowledge and experience. He’s a great coach leading a team to victory.” – Marni Frank, Owner at Café Liberty Coffee


Patrick is a great coach.  His knowledge and insight are extraordinary. He cares about people and their goals and ambitions.” – Glenn Nielsen, Owner at Pics in the Glenn