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Getting Social-Facebook Best Practices

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So many business owners consider social media to be the bane of their existence. It’s pretty common. But don’t worry, in this Getting Social blog series, we’re determined to clear those muddied waters. We’ve already discussed how to audit, tips for daily activity and how to create a long-term social media strategy. Now, we’re going to get specific.

Each platform has some posting best practices. In this blog, we’re going to feature Facebook.

Facebook is a platform that allows for real-time updates and interactions while offering space for longer posts and add-ons such as event pages, groups, and applications.  


Facebook Best Practices 

·  Review and update branding of profile

  • Create and implement “Calls to Action”

·         Download MP4 videos from YouTube and upload natively to avoid algorithm challenges

·         Post twice daily, 5 days per week and engage with the audience

·         Share relevant articles, links, photos, news, blogs, website content, videos, live feed ops, etc.

·         Revise messaging/talking points

·         Identify bloggers and media—follow and Friend

·         Monitor conversations and Google Alerts

·         Add social media icons to email signatures, all printed marketing materials

·         Maintain the rule of thirds in posting:

  • Promote the brand
  • Share personality
  • Post about communities  

In general, each platform has its own best practices which will be outlined in future blogs. However, there are some general rules that you can follow. We’ve outlined those below:


Posting Best Practices  

·         Stick with the 80:20 rule – 80% educational, entertaining, fun content and 20% promotional

·         Vary posting times

·         Use image or videos in every post

·         Use quotes/questions/testimonials when applicable

·         Tag influencers, users and other brands you like

·         Use hashtags on appropriate platforms-essentially, not Facebook

·         Keep posts relatively short

·         Respond to comments and interact with fans/friends/followers

  • Use UTM URLs
  • Do not post a video from YouTube directly into Facebook. The algorithm will hide the post. Instead, use a conversion website to convert the file to an MP4 file

·         No hashtags on Facebook

·         Hyperlink to old blogs in new blog posts for SEO purposes

Follow these general rules on social media, and you’ll see an uptick in followers and engagement in no time.  


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