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Top 20 Marketing Mistakes: Number Two- We Vs. You

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There are a lot of trade secrets when it comes to marketing. Most entrepreneurs aren’t too interested in sharing tips with the world at large. But that’s where business guru Brad Sugars comes in with the “Top 20 Marketing Mistakes” series. We’ve already talked about the number one marketing mistake—not having a marketing team. Now, we’re on to Mistake Number Two— “We” VS. “You” Focus.

Essentially, every piece of marketing collateral that touches your target audience needs to be focused on them, the customer, not you, the business owner.

For example, if your website says “WE have been serving the valley for more than 20 years,” that’s a mistake. It should instead read something like, “YOU will benefit from our more than 20 years of experience.” Remember, focus on the audience, not you or the business. Outline how you can meet their needs.

Sugars has created a formula for writing copy that will meet these standards: the FAB Formula.

List a fact, advantage, and then the benefit of to the audience.


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